Hainan Daily Reports That the Theory of “Reality-Practice-Capability” in corresponding to “Innovation-Entrepreneurship-Creation” Answers to the Problem of How University of Sanya Seek for High Quality Sustainable Development

2023/10/26 9:21:25


The national strategy of Hainan Free Trade Port Construction encompasses the exploration and practice of International Education Island. In recent years, University of Sanya (USY) has fully implemented the Party's educational policy, proactively advanced the University’s discipline layout, effectively responded to new challenges and new requirements, sticked to the original mission of school running by responding to social needs and targeting the industrial development. USY has decided a path of integration of industry and education to seek for the university’s high-quality and sustainable development as well as constantly improve the level and strength of school running.

Li Shufu, Chairman of Geely Holding Group, proposed that every institute under Geely education will implement "innovation-entrepreneurship-creation" through "reality-practice-capability". In recent years, guided by the philosophies of school running such as digitization, personalized education, and taking the construction of key disciplines as the leading, USY has paved the way for the landing of the theory of “Reality-Practice-Capability” in corresponding to “Innovation-Entrepreneurship-Creation” by providing technical platforms and means, characteristic goals and measures, and fundamental support, and so on.

The integration of industry and education is an inevitable path for USY to meet the new demand for higher education in the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, to give full play to the advantages of long-term development and to condense the characteristics of school running. USY continues to focus on and provide resources in the fields of key disciplinary construction, digitization construction, major construction and curriculum construction. USY will continually anchor the new direction of industry-education integration and produce more outcomes. In 2022, USY was accredited for masters degree-granting quality by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and three programs of Social Work, Tourism Management, and Electronic Information were accredited for Master Degree Diploma, and in September 2023, the first batch of graduate students have been enrolled into these programs; 2022 saw four more construction project approvals, that is, USY signed with the China Center for International People-to-People Exchange to establish the Hainan Free Trade Port International People-to-People Exchange Research Institute, approved as one of 2022 key laboratories of Philosophy and Social Science of Hainan Province, and approved as two of the first batch of modern industrial college construction projects in Hainan Province; in 2023, USY strengthened the in-depth cooperation with Geely Holding Group and other leading enterprises, Geely Xingrui Data Intelligent Industrial College and Green New Energy Methanol-Hydrogen Industrial College were inaugurated; USY also explored the advantages of Saxo Banks global resources, and establish a close cooperation relationship between school and enterprise through internship, employment and joint training.

At the same time, USY invested nearly 100 million yuan to build a supercomputing centre, which has been used to serve the marine, seed industry, finance, remote sensing, meteorology and other fields; USY established three academician workstations to attract more high-level talents home and abroad; USY establishes a long-standing partnership with many of the ASEAN private higher institutes, the China-Malaysia Future Institute was inaugurated at the two places of USY and SEGi University Malaysia ......

Adhering to the fundamental task of cultivating talents with moral integrity, USY takes the initiative to get close to urgently needed industries, advantageous industries and leading enterprises, integrate the teaching and research resources of the four new discipline groups of New Engineering, New Business, New Medical Science and New Liberal Arts, focusing on cultivating and improving studentssocial cognitive ability, social adaptability, scientific innovation and practical ability of product creation. USY’s experiments and practice in education and talent cultivation contribute new wisdom and new achievements to explore new paths to solve the dilemma of integrating industry and education in China's higher education. USY will continue to take root in Hainan as a quality-education provider by catering for the needs of Hainan Free Trade Port’s future development and striving for the fulfillments of enrollment and employment.



Translated by Cong Shan

Edited and revised by Zhang Yuhong