Zhang Zhao, USY alumni, Won the Best Editing of Hongkong Film Awards

2023/7/4 14:04:17

  Recently, the winner of 41st Hongkong Film Awards were announced, Zhang Zhao, alumni of class of 2016 in Broadcasting and Hosting Arts was awarded with the Best Editing for the film of The Cloister of Justice. When he stood at the same stage with many influential Hongkong actors and actresses of golden age of Hong Kong film such as Chan Ho-San, Michelle Yeoh, Lau Ching Wan, Mo Shun Kwan and Sammi Cheng, he smiled and held the trophy, believing that with passion and effort, dreams will eventually come true. 

When asked about how he felt about the award, Zhang Zhao said that people are faith-driven animal, every single footnote of human history bears this out, even Stephen Chow holds that what distinguish man from slated fish is DREAM. We will finally believe in future and ourselves, it is inescapable. It's just that the more times are devoid of confidence, the more confident we shall be in ourselves.

Zhang Zhao shares about his personal experiences and says that he kept stressing on confidence because his personal experiences mean a lot to the schoolmates; and it it was quite important to make them believe that they would have the same opportunity. From his perspective, what makes University of Sanya stands out from the other university is that the university cares about its students’ personal growth and adaptation to the society. Because of his occupational habit, he comes into the habit of analysis on things around him and think about how come a lot of things around him happen and exist. That’s how he captures ideas when he is creating. By analyzing his growth process, he does think that his time at USY is really crucial for him.




Original news source:三亚学院校友张钊获香港电影金像奖最佳剪接奖


Translated and adapted by Cong Shan