Geely Xingrui Data Intelligence Industrial School Inaugurated

2023/6/21 9:09:38

On May 23rd, Geely Xingrui Data Intelligence Industrial School (Xingrui School), jointly established by University of Sanya (USY) and Geely Automobile Development Center (Geely Center) was inaugurated. Xingrui School will center on strategic development needs of digitalization of Geely automobile industry, rely on the advantages of Geely Center in business scenarios, data resources, technology research and application in the field of automotive digitalization and the construction of Master program of Electronic Information major as well as high-level undergraduate majors construction of Data Science and Big Data Technology, Intelligent Science and Technology. The establishment of Xingrui School will mobilize resources to the greatest extent of USY and Geely Center to initiate multi-level and all-round strategic cooperation in big data, AI, AIGC, block chain etc., to achieve the organic linkage and transformation of education chain, talents chain and industry chain.


Geely Xingrui Intelligent Computing Center comes into play in February 2023. As the first cloud-data-intelligence integrated super cloud computing platform, the Center is the largest intelligent computing center built by a Chinese automobile enterprise with advanced comprehensive computing, widest business scenarios, strongest intelligent support and highest level of security. The Center will use the platform to carry out intelligent source allocation and supervision, covering fields including intelligent networking, intelligent driving, new energy security and trial-produce experiment, and the like. 

In August 2022, USY reached the agreement with VREMT regarding joint establishment of industrial school, conducting business training and technical service etc.. In November 2022, the jointly established Geely New Energy and Intelligent Automobile Industrial School was inaugurated and aims to realize the synergistic development of industry-education integration of power battery, electric generator and control systems. The Xingrui School is another important arrangement based on talent cultivation of Geely resources. It will integrate the software and hardware environment of Geely Xingrui Intelligent Computing Center to the campus teaching scenarios through jointly developing talent training programs, constructing curriculum system that fits the aims of talent training as well as customize and develop modular courses to meet more precisely the demand of high-level, professional and innovative talents for the future development of Geely Automobile.


After the inauguration, the colloquium on enterprise-education cooperation was held at the High-Performance Computing Center (Super-computing Center) of School of Information and Intelligence Engineering. On the night of 23rd, the Xingrui School also held a recruitment event.

Original news source:三亚学院与吉利产业链深度衔接跑出加速度——吉利星睿数据智能产业学院揭牌成立

Translated and adapted by Cong Shan