Ten new undergraduate majors are approved and the first batch of students are to be enrolled this September!

2023/5/4 10:00:24

 Recently, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China announced the filing and approval results of undergraduate majors in ordinary colleges and universities of 2022. The ten undergraduate majors filed by University of Sanya (USY) are approved and the first batch of new students will be enrolled in September 2023. The ten undergraduate majors are New Energy Science and Engineering, Virtual Reality Technology, Blockchain Engineering, Medical Testing Technology, Investment, Insurance, Cross-Border E-Commerce, Digital Media Art, Ideological and Political Education, Translation.


1. New Energy Science and Engineering (School of Science and Engineering)

This major aims to train leading and professional new energy application technology talents who meeting the urgent demands for new energy talents in the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port through stress on the discipline training in green energy, “clean methanol” synthetic technology, and chemical energy storage technology and in-depth cooperation with Geely Technology Group, Geely Research Institute and other companies and institutes.


2. Virtual Reality Technology (School of Information and Intelligent Engineering)

This major aims to train high-level application-oriented talents who meet the demand in the industrial fields of education, health care, manufacturing, games, as well as film, television and animation. The graduate will master theoretical knowledge of the major of virtual reality technology, know well about the technologies in three-dimensional modeling, animation, rendering and audio and video processing as well as the relevant operation in intelligent manufacturing virtual simulation and testing, immersive interactive media, and be capable of virtual reality project interactive function design and development, 3D model construction, software and hardware platform equipment construction and debugging.


 3. Blockchain Engineering (School of Information and Intelligent Engineering)

The major aims to train high-level application-oriented talents in blockchain project system design and development, blockchain project management, blockchain system service and other related areas by relying on USY Super Computing Center, Academician Workstation of Rong Chunming in Blockchain, setting up innovative application in “Blockchain+” industry and build the blockchain technology highland in economy and industries with the regional features of Hainan.


4. Medical Testing Technology (School of Health Industry Management)

The major aims to provide talent support for the development of medical and health industry clusters and meeting the demands of medical tourism and related high-end medical services in Hainan Province.


5. Investment (Saxo FinTech Business School)

The major aims to train high-level application-oriented professionals in investment with international scope, innovation spirit and practical ability.


6. Insurance (School of Finance and Economics)

This major aims to train high-level talents who will know well about the development trend of insurance industry, and serve and support the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.


7. Cross-Border E-Commerce (School of Management)

This major aims to train talents who meet the demand of cross-border e-commerce professionals for the development of Hainan Free Trade Port.


8. Digital Media Art (School of Communication)

The major aims to talents in digital film and television production in the era of AI media and internet multi-media through stress on cultivation in student’s abilities in content design and development, creation and operation of digital film and television and internet video.  


9.  Ideological and Political Education School of Marxism)

This major aims to train professionals who have solid foundation of Marxist theories and a good command of theory and practice in politics, education, economy, Free Trade Port, etc., are equipped with the basic accomplishment and working ability that adapting to the construction needs of the powerful modernized socialist country with Chinese characteristics in the new era, have innovative spirit, entrepreneurship and start-up ability, adapt to social development demands, as well as are familiar with the ideological and political affairs and the theories and approaches of Party building and Party affairs in the Party and government organs at all levels, companies and public institutions, and educational institutes of different levels, communities, social organizations.


10. Translation (School of Foreign Languages)  

The major aims to train high-level versatile and application-oriented talents with practical ability and innovative spirit who meets the demands of foreign languages services (especially high-end translating professional) on the background of “Belt and Road Initiative” and Hainan Free Trade Port construction.


(Adapted and translated by Zhang Yuhong)

(Original source: 重磅 | 三亚学院10个本科新专业来了!-三亚学院  http://www.sanyau.edu.cn/newsDetails.asp?did=7619)