Graduates of Year 2022 Blooming their youthful flowers on the track of Life (Ⅰ)

2022/5/26 14:54:40

It is time to see the graduates off with the flowers of the flame trees blooming everywhere on campus. University of Sanya, sticking to its educational mission, devotes itself as always to provide the society, especially the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, with qualified talents. This feature will share the dreams and achievements of some of the young and vibrant graduates with the readers.



                                                                Ye Yuxuan(叶瑜轩) of Fintech 1801


Ye Yuxuan of Fintech 18101, SAXO Fintech Business School, receives the recruitment letter of SAXO Financial Technology Ltd. During the days in USY, she had her internship in TECENT, SAXO Financial Technology Ltd. (Chongqing), SAXO Headquarter of China (Shanghai). She won full Scholarship for Fintech Major for several times, the Stars of Self-improvement of Chinese College Students of Year 2019 and other honorary titles. In her senior year, she participated in and headed the program of West Money which is incubated by both SAXO Fintech Business School and SAXO Financial Technology Ltd. Ye Xuanyu says that every generation has their own responsibility. As one of Generation Z, she is not only the witness but also the down-to-earth builder of the new era. Youth to her is “dare to dream and dare to practice”.


                                                                 Zhang Zihan(张子涵) of Finance 1802

Zhang Zihan(张子涵) of Finance 1802, School of Finance and Economics. He will study master program of Applied Economics in Central South University of Forestry and Technology. In the past four years in USY, he apparently makes the most of the time and harvests a bunch of certificates, like CET-6, National Computer Rack Examination (Level-2), Banking Professionals, Accountant Examination (Junior), BEC(Middle). Zhang Zihan says, “Preparation for the examination of Postgraduate Examination is a process of searching for light in the darkness and healing for oneself from setbacks after setbacks. A young person will realize his ambitions with efforts and sweat instead of by dreaming in the air.”


                                                      Bayr Kanur (巴依尔·卡努尔) of Health Management 2018

Bayr Kanur of Health Management 2018, School of Health Industry Managementwill study master program in Xinjiang Medical University. She suggested that it would be helpful if you could find a study pal who also prepared for the postgraduation examination. She said that, “We can discuss about the courses, recite the textbooks and reference books and long for the future together, which will help oneself to insist to the end.” And she’d share with the junior fellow students, “Postgraduation Examination isn't the only choice. One should follow his or her heart. Startup, working or studying abroad is a good alternative. Don’t doubt yourself for other people’s comments. Everyone has only one youth and it deserves to try one’s best.”


Adapted and translated by Zhang Yuhong

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