The award ceremony of Outstanding Graduation Thesis Competition of year 2022 was held at the Student Center, USY

2022/5/25 14:10:31

On May 19th, the award ceremony of Outstanding Graduation Thesis competition of year 2022 was held in Student Center. The competition received a total of 100 entries from 14 schools and 40 majors, and the expert panels selected 20 outstanding graduation thesis.


 Li Ruichen of the School of Science and Technology won the Special Prize for his thesis Research on Wave Energy Electrical Generating Assembly on the Coral Reef Protection Terrace of the Xidao, Sanya. Xie Dehong of School of Arts and Su Lichao of School of Sociology won the first prize.

Xie Dehong shared his story of growing into an outstanding graduation thesis winner. He said that the colorful college activities and course design of various forms helped him to explore his specialty.


                                                              (Xie Dehong shared his story)


       The Writing Center of the Student Center starts to work from October of 2018. It sticks to the tenet of “Writing to Learn” and aims to promote the students’ academic writing ability. The Center provides the academic writing practice and guidance for all the students of USY. And the Outstanding Graduation Thesis Competition is one of the center’s brand activities.


Adapted and translated by Zhang Yuhong

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