"Seurat and Our Time” -- Hu Xiangcheng's Work Exhibition is successfully held in University of Sanya

2022/3/25 10:30:48


        On February 25th, the art exhibition "Seurat and Our Time -- Hu Xiangcheng's Work Exhibition", jointly organized by School of Art of University of Sanya (USY) and Shanghai Huixiang Cultural Development Foundation, held at the Bailuxi Museum. Hu Xiangcheng, the famous artist and the honorary professor of USY brought with him 24 exhibits which are mainly in the form of painting installation. He analyzed Seurat and his classic works " A Sunday Afternoon on the Ile de la Grande Jatte" in multiple depths and deconstructed and reconstructed through time and space, and infused the classic work with modern elements. With the background of the implementation of the "plastic ban" in Hainan in 2020,  Hu Xiangcheng expresses the awe of art and nature, and call on people to take the environmental responsibility by focusing on the global marine pollution in his works.


 Hu Xiangcheng, a famous artist, co-founded the Shanghai Biennial in the 1990s and served as a member of the Art Committee. His works range from painting to installation to performance in various fields of formative arts. Hu Xiangcheng graduated from the School of Stage Fine Arts of Shanghai Theatre Academy. After that, he resided in Japan, Africa and other places for a long time to make artistic creation, travel and investigate. As a result of his unique sojourn experience, he has made in-depth research on the culture and art of different nationalities and regions, thus putting forward such concepts as "contemporary artists in different regions should have different tasks" and "contemporary artists should actively participate and seek solutions to social problems". His typical works include "Dialogue without Beginning and End", "Far away in front of us" and "Preface to the Morning".

As a representative of neo-impressionism, French artist George Seurat created the famous art work " A Sunday Afternoon on the Ile de la Grande Jatte" with pointillism. The work was exhibited in Paris in 1886, which became the turning point of the New Era of European art and had a profound impact on the birth of many modern genre of art. Seurat is one of the few artists to have allowed art to influence technology, and the study of visual colour mixing caused by the juxtaposition of complementary colours in his work is still the starting point for theories of digital technology. More than a hundred years before modern tools of observation, Seurat intuitively constructed a system of object composition using dots of grainy brushstrokes.


        In Hu Xiangcheng's work, there are countless dots of colour, from paints to discarded plastic floating around the sea. Behind these colourful works lies a deep concern for the artist. Notably, among the works on display is a collection of biodegradable disposable boxes used in Hainan. Hu Xiangcheng hopes that Hainan's ban on plastic will soon be accelerated across the country and the world, providing more effort to solve the ecological crisis and address the weak links in global governance.


       The exhibition received media attention from Pengpai News, Sanya Daily, Sanya TV and others.

       More information: Since 2018, Hainan has taken the lead in banning the production and sale of disposable non-degradable plastic products and formally implementing the Regulations on Banning Disposable Non-degradable Plastic Products in Hainan Special Economic Zone from December 1, 2020, which means Hainan has officially banned single-use non-degradable plastic bags, plastic catering utensils and other single-use non-degradable plastic products,it is a significant project to promote the national pilot ecological civilization zone and a realistic need to maintain first-class ecological and environmental quality.



Translated by Cong Shan

Revised by Zhang Yuhong

Source: http://www.sanyau.edu.cn/newsDetails.asp?did=7060