The 12th “Winter in Sanya” Fashion Design Contest

2021/2/4 16:15:41

The 12th “Winter in Sanya” Fashion Design Contest was held at Fountain Square before Shude Building on 6th, January, 2021. The theme of this year’s contest was “Gongsheng” (meaning harmony). Harmony is the classic topic of Chinese traditional culture. Confucianism lays emphasis on the interpersonal harmony while Taoism put more attention to the harmony between the human beings and the Nature. With the current epidemic raging worldwide, the theme “Harmony” or “Gongsheng” becomes prominent as people should be more conscious that “harmony” is an interdependent, concordant and unified destiny formed between person and person, between nature and nature and between humankind and nature

The contestants are seniors of 2017 majored in Fashion Design so the contest, to them, was not only a tryout but a summation of four-year education of the major. The contest was composed of three competition sessions – Interaction of Everything, Ethnic Imprints, and the West Meeting With the East. 25 entries demonstrated with the intertwined effect of models, music, light and stage art design brought gorgeous visual enjoyment to the audiences.


(图:大学生通讯社 韦梦飞 陈滨翔 官方公众平台)