Sanya Released the Sports Icons of the 6th Asian Beach Games

2020/5/25 8:25:17

On May 12, at the 200-day countdown celebration of the 6th Asian Beach Games in 2020, the Organizing Committee of the Games officially released the sports icons of the Asian Beach Games, which consist of 19 icons representing 19 events of the Games. These icons will help the spectators to accurately identify various events during the Games.



Sports Icons of the 6th Asian Beach Games

The designers of the icons are inspired by the sunlight. The sports competition in the sun endows the beach sports with uniqueness. The icons try to create the light and shadow images of athletes in the sunlight. Sanya is located at 18 degrees north latitude, which is known as the golden latitude, and sunshine is also a major feature of the City of Deer (the alternative name of Sanya). Therefore, this set of icons is named “the Light of Sanya”, which means to boost vitality of the dynamic Sanya City .


“The Light of Sanya” is specially designed for beach sports and full of regional characteristics of Sanya, and it’s unique and easy to identify. Its design strategy is to maximize the modeling difference of each sport, and to enhance the identification of the icons with the most representative image and the the most stretch movement of each sport. The concise and smooth lines outline the most representative sports postures of 19 competitions, such as power paraglider, surfing, beach kabaddi, etc., which are dynamic, active and catching.



200-day countdown celebration

Zhang Xin, the chief designer of the icons, introduced that the overall shape of the icons uses blank negative shapes to express sunlight. At the same time, the visual association aroused by the relationship of Yin and Yang between negative and positive shapes is also in line with the traditional Chinese aesthetic taste - “leaving blank space”, which is the visual expression of aesthetic theory of “combination of positive and negative forms” in China since ancient times. It embodies the imagination of Chinese people and implies that Sanya itself is a city full of imagination.

(News from: Sanya Government Affairs Wechat public account)

(Translated by: Zhang Yuhong      Proofread by: Liu Peiyun)