USY with the Backing of Geely Group for Talents Cultivation in New Energy Vehicles Industry to Make Full Use of the Hainan FTP Policy Advantages

2020/4/20 10:10:10

Editor’s Note:


On April 13, 2018, President Xi Jinping announced China's plan to build the whole of Hainan Island into a pilot international free trade zone and gradually explore building a free trade port with Chinese characteristics at a gathering to mark the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Hainan province and the Hainan Special Economic Zone. Over the past two years, Hainan province deeply implemented the spirit of ‘4.13 major policy address’ to build the pilot free trade zone and free trade port with high standard and high quality. Hainan is comprehensively deepening reform and opening up, which constitutes a new chapter in China's reform and opening-up and the construction of socialist modernization.

As the earliest-founded and largest-scale undergraduate university in Sanya City, University of Sanya (USY) is grasping the pulse of Hainan Free Trade Port (Hainan FTP) construction, constantly making breakthroughs and crossing borders, mobilising greater internal initiative to integrate more external high-quality resources to release university vitality, and working hard to accomplish university-running practice. At the time of the 2nd anniversary of ‘4.13 major policy address’ delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping, the official website of USY set up the ‘Strive for Hainan FTP’, a special series of report on USY’s vision and actions.


The vehicle is a consumer product matters vital to national well-being and people's livelihood, and the vehicle industry is a crucial pillar industry related to the national economy. Meanwhile, the construction of Hainan FTZ and FTP has brought new opportunities for the new energy vehicle industry.


Relying on the advantages of university-enterprise cooperation with one of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises—Geely Group, USY has increased the training direction of New Energy Vehicles and Intelligent Connected Vehicles on the basis of existing majors, carrying out extensive scientific research cooperation and co-construction of disciplines with enterprises, research institutes, and government departments to better cultivate and transfer talents into the new energy vehicle industry for Hainan.



Vehicle Engineering Experimental Centre

The new energy vehicle industry has been backed up strongly by national policy in recent years. Institute of Science and Technology of USY integrated the development direction and scheme of the automotive industry in Hainan Province, and trying to achieve the transmission of talent training into the field of new energy vehicles. “Based on the upcoming major development opportunities in the field of new energy vehicles, the talent gap in related areas such as the usage and maintenance of new energy vehicles, fault diagnosis, operation management, and industry management will become larger and larger. The transition and development ushered in favourable policies and market space.” Sun Wenfu, the director of the Vehicle Engineering Department of Institute of Science and Technology of USY, introduced to us.


Regarding the four main modules of environmental awareness, data transmission, information decision-making, and intelligent control in the technical field of ‘New Energy Vehicles and Intelligent Connected Vehicles’, Institute of Science and Technology breaks the barriers and strengthens the integration of majors, and gradually forms following featured disciplinary direction to solve the problem of talents shortage in related industry: ‘New Energy Vehicles’ in vehicle engineering, ‘Perception and Control’ in measurement and control technology and instrumentation, ‘5G Communication’ in communication engineering, and ‘Intelligent Control’ in electronic information engineering. 


Students of Institute of Science and Technology of USY Conduct Professional Internship at the Xiangtan Manufacturing Base of Geely Vehicle

In the past two years, USY has invested more than 8 million RMB to build ‘New Energy Vehicle Laboratory’ and ‘Intelligent Connected Vehicle Laboratory’, transform and upgrade ‘intelligent robot innovation laboratory’ and ‘vehicle comprehensive innovation laboratory’ to meet the demand of cultivating new generation of engineering talents. In the meantime, Institute of Science and Technology also actively introduced high-level talents and formed two discipline teams of ‘New Energy Vehicle Technology’ and ‘Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology’, focusing on new energy vehicle system integration, energy management and optimization, and powering system matching and control to accomplish scientific research.

(Photos from: Institute of Science and Technology, USY)

(Edited by: Xu Ying     Translated by: Xue Yuhang     Proofread by: Liu Peiyun)