The 7th Annual Conference of the Sino-Russian Economic Universities Alliance

2019/9/30 8:30:31

Professor Zhang Guang, dean of School of Economics from University of Sanya attended the 7th Annual Conference of the Sino-Russian Economic Universities Alliance, named ‘The International Forum on Economic Cooperation and Cultural Exchange between China and Russia’ on behalf of our university, which held in Erdos between September 25th and September 28th, 2019. Li Hai, (deputy director of the international department, and Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China) and Zhu Huan, (the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, the first secretary of the Russian embassy in China) who represented Mr. Alexander Lovich, both made a warmly welcome speech on behalf of the two countries. 


Representatives of the 7th annual conference of the Sino-Russian Economic Universities Alliance

University leaders and professors from Chinese and Russian economic universities delivered speeches in succession. Professor Zhang Guang gave a speech on behalf of University of Sanya, briefly introduced the history and achievements of our university, and emphasized on the four major colleges of finance and economics: school of economics, school of management, Saxo fintech business school and tourism and hospitality management school.



President Zhao Zhongxiu from University of Finance and Economics mentioned the significance of promoting key areas for the development of cooperation between Chinese and Russian economic universities in his welcome speech. He pointed out that the two sides can set up alliance with the support of the two governments, for example, set up colleges to assist in building a solid foundation for joint projects between Chinese and Russian universities, such as summer camps, winter camps, joint research, and academic seminars, etc. President Zhao also suggested that the location of this institution can be considered in Qingdao, Shandong Province, and Sanya, Hainan Province when comparing with the living style of students from Russia. He specifically pointed out that Hainan's warm and pleasant climate throughout the year is particularly popular among Russians. Furthermore, he acknowledged that it is worth considering preparing for the investment of the Sino-Russian Economic University.


             Professor Zhang Guang giving a speech on behalf of University of Sanya

In the cultural tour on September 27, Professor Zhang Guang exchanged views with Mr. Zhang Yang, a representative of Hai Guo Tu Zhi Company, which specializes in Sino-Russian academic communication and study-abroad exchanges, and also discussed with international department of Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics who had substantive cooperation with this company. The exchanged views help us in promoting the undergraduates from our university to study in Russia for master degrees. There are three main advantages in choosing Russia as the destination for a master degree after discussion:


1. Cost-effective. For instance, going to the St. Petersburg State University of Economics to study for a master's degree majoring in economics will cost only 40,000 yuan annually in terms of tuition fee, which is far less than those English-speaking countries. And this university's ranking in Russia is competitive and equivalent to ‘211’ or even ‘985’ universities in China.

2. Language advantages. Universities of finance and economics in Russia usually offer master degree with English-teaching programme. Admissions, exams, lectures and dissertations can all be completed in English. In the meantime, master students studying there can also learn Russian and might have the opportunity to study and master a second foreign language.

3. Optimistic employment perspectives. With the development of China's Belt and Road Initiative, Russia with central and eastern European countries as well as China’s domestic market, need a large number of specialised students who have been trained professionally in Russia. Therefore, the employment prospects are very optimistic.


                       President Du and vice president Hou from the host university

  —Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics met with Professor Zhang Guang

The meeting confirmed that the 8th annual conference of the Sino-Russian Economic Alliance will be held in Moscow, Russia in 2020, and it will be hosted by the Russian Federal Government University of Finance and Economics.