ACC Secretary-General Visited USY & Delivered the Lecture

2018/1/12 16:30:49

On January 8, Mme. Yang Xiuping, Secretary-General of ASEAN-China Centre(ACC), was invited to USY and delivered the lecture on the ASEAN-China Relationship and Pragmatic Cooperation. Mr. Zhang Xuehai, Deputy Director of Information and Public Relations Division of ACC, Mr. Zhu Qinfu, Assistant to the President of USY and teacher and students representatives attended the lecture.



Lecture scene


Mme. Yang Xiuping said that as the sole intergovernmental international organization co-founded by the ten governments of ASEAN and Chinese Government, ASEAN-China Center is committed to promoting pragmatic cooperation between China and ASEAN in terms of economy, culture and education. The relationship between China and ASEAN has also grown up into the maturity period, and with the continuous rise of China's diplomatic status, the willingness of other countries to cooperate with our country has gradually increased. Under the globalization, USY attaches great importance to its internationalization and has founded the Silk Road Business School under “The Belt & Road” national initiative, which greatly provide more opportunities for students to study aboard and better serve the society and the nation.

She pointed out that the ASEAN-China Forum for Private Higher Education Development and Cooperation, organized by USY, had achieved great success. The Forum is conducive to further expanding the education and people-to-people exchanges between China and ASEAN, and has formed a very good new pattern for education development. USY has always committed to the objective of training high-quality talents. With the open and mutual-sharing cooperative concept, USY actively involves in the educational globalization, and strives to become the benchmarking example of Chinese private university and explore new ways of international cooperation.



Mme. Yang Xiuping, Secretary-General of ACC, is delivering the lecture


The relationship between countries lies in the affection from people to people, and the affection between civilians lies in mutual understanding. China and ASEAN are geographically connected, and culturally interlinked. The friendly exchanges between countries cannot be separated from a solid foundation for people-to-people exchanges, while education is an important part of it. The ASEAN-China Forum for Private Higher Education Development and Cooperation discussed the future development and cooperation paths for the higher education between China and ASEAN, and has come to the Consensus to build cooperative mechanism and explore new opportunities and cooperative patterns for education.

During its development, USY has always adhered to its educational philosophy for internationalization. By taking the platform of the ASEAN-China Forum, USY will deepen the long-term cooperative mechanism with SEAMEO and form the synergetic effect for educational internationalization. Through the implementation of international cooperation projects, USY will enrich students' international experience, and explore a more international talent training mode for building more diversified international communication platforms for its teachers and students.


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