Welcoming Ceremony and Orientation Program for 2017 Int'l Students at USY

2017/10/10 9:23:37

On the afternoon of September 27, the welcoming ceremony and orientation program for 2017 int'l students at USY was launched at Rm. 301 in Shuhai Building. Ms. Zoe Che, Vice President; Mr. Liu Wei, Dean of School of Humanities and Communications; Ms. Zhang Meiyun, Deputy Secretary and Associate Dean of School of  Humanities and Communications; Ms. Alice Cao, Vice Director of  International Department (ID); teacher representatives from related schools, apartment intendant and staff of ID attended the ceremony. Linda Liu, taking charge of international students’ affairs, hosted the meeting.

To begin with, Ms. Zoe was invited to deliver a speech. Firstly, she, using two verses by Du Fu, “花径不曾缘客扫,蓬门今始为君开” (the flower-clustered path is cleaned and the door is open, just to welcome you) extended warm welcome to the new faces among our international students and expressed her appreciation for their courage to choose to study in China. Then she expressed her wishes that the students could cherish university time, study hard, enjoy their lives here in Sanya and make progress in self-development and get prepared for a bright future. She added that one was inclined to look back to earlier life, so we should try to make our campus life a sweet memory. 


Ms. Zoe Che, Vice President for H.R & International Affairs addressed at the ceremony

Mr. Liu Wei, citing Confucius’s  line,  “it is a great pleasure to have friends from afar”, showed his welcome to the international students. He said wherever you are from, east or west, we have one thing in common: we are all USYers. He emphasized that the Chinese believed in fate and we were destined to meet, it’s called “缘分(yuan fen)”. He also invited the students to witness the worship ceremony at the Luobi Square, since it would be Confucius’s birthday the following day.

Liu Wei.jpg

Mr. Liu speaking

During the ceremony, Dias Akashev from Kazakhstan  sang  a soulful Kazakhstan song for the welcome. The audience were carried away by this exotic music and they couldn’t help but clapping hands to the beat. Sunday from Nigeria, a sophomore, announced that his goal was to master Chinese and choose a major besides Chinese. Last year, he entered for a Chinese speech contest and won the first prize. He said he had never imagined that he could make such great leaps in Chinese. He prescribed three pieces of advice to the freshmen: 1. Engage yourself in more activities as he himself learned how to play a cucurbit flute this way. 2. Have a good time here, yet don’t forget the reason you came here: you’re here to seek knowledge. So don’t skip classes. 3. Find out where your interest lies because “interest is the best teacher”. Then Jackline Namaganda, representative of freshmen, sang a Chinese song called Friends by Emil Chau, which celebrates friendship. When asked how she learned Chinese, she said that she followed her Chinese teacher’s advice and stuck to the practices of listening, speaking, reading and writing, the four integral components in mastering a foreign language. Her performance and speech won great acclamation from the audience.


Ceremony Scene

After a short break, Cynthia, the intendant of international students’ apartment explained the rules and regulations and check-in and move-out procedures. At 3:43 pm, the students were led downstairs to watch the Confucius worship ceremony. After that, personnel from the security department was invited to lecture on campus safety and security. Jo Zhai, staff from ID, gave a detailed guidance of the campus. 


Security Lesson


Group Photo

(International Department)