SU International Faculty and Students Celebrate New Year 2017

2016/12/30 17:59:01

Organized by International Dept., Sanya University International Faculty and Students New Year’s Party 2017 was held in Binglang River Hot Spring Resort on December 28th. Over 60 international faculty and students, heads and staff of the International Dept gathered together for a farewell of 2016 and celebration of 2017.


Group Picture

Team Building Activities were carried out in the afternoon among teachers and students. Activities “describing and guessing”, and “two people three legs” were organized to develop individual quality and strengthen collaboration and teamwork. All teachers and students took part in and were divided into four groups to compete with each other. In the first round, each team separately sent two team members for “describing and guessing”. By using their body languages and similar words and brainstorming, the participants were trying their best to cooperate for guessing more words and winning more scores for the team.


"describing and guessing"

At the second round, teachers and students tied their legs for working together to walk to the appointed destination. Even though some fell on the way, they did not give up and still stood up to finish the following part.



 "two people three legs"


In the evening, talent performances were given by staff of International Dept, and international faculty and students. At the party, Mrs. Cao Yanwei, Vice Director of International Dept., extended the New Year’s greetings to all the foreign teachers and students, and also expressed her heartfelt gratitude to foreign experts for their great contributions to the development of Sanya University. She hoped that international teachers and students will give full play to their unique strengths in their jobs and study in Sanya and also be an envoy of friendship in cultural exchange.


talent performances 

The recent years have witnessed a continuous raise not in the number but also in the quality of our international faculty and students. So far, we have recruited hundreds of international faculty and students to work and study in our university since its establishment. They mainly come from U.S.A., U.K., Russia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Germany, Czech and Malaysia, Nepal etc. and separately work and study in the School of Foreign Languages, School of International Hospitality Management, School of Law and Sociology, and School of Management. They have good academic level and a high degree of professionalism and bring foreign advanced technological knowledge and rich and colorful culture, which has played a positive role in improving our domestic teachers and students’ professional knowledge and skills and cultivating their international awareness.



(International Department)